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What does Rankmax do?

Rankmax Alpha is an AI-powered SEO long-form article writing software. In essence, you provide Rankmax with a keyword you want your article to rank for, and it manages the writing and basic on-page SEO. After the article is generated, you can transfer it to your publishing platform. Currently, with Rankmax being in the Alpha phase, it only supports long-form 1,500 word article writing. However, the product roadmap outlines significantly more advanced AI SEO technologies in upcoming releases.

What makes Rankmax different?

The core features of Rankmax Alpha include:

- Instant Article Creation: Craft high-quality, SEO-ready articles with a single click.

- Rapid Content Production: Produce 1,500 word articles in mere minutes.

- Plagiarism-Free Content: Rankmax ensures each article is unique and plagiarism-free.

- Smart SEO Integration: Rankmax content adheres to on-page SEO best practices for optimal search visibility.

- Country-Specific Targeting: Customize content for specific countries with Rankmax's targeting tools.

- Multilingual Support: Engage global markets with support for 33 languages.

- Powered by GPT-4: Benefit from cutting-edge AI technology with Rankmax's GPT-4 integration. 

Note: More advanced AI SEO features are under development and will be introduced in future software versions.

What are the core features of Rankmax?

What sets Rankmax apart from other AI article writing tools is its use of a private pre-training model based on your company data. This model enables Rankmax to better understand your business, products, and services, resulting in higher quality and more accurate content. Furthermore, Rankmax will grasp your brand’s unique style, tone, terminology, and formatting, producing content that is more aligned with your brand style guide compared to other AI writers.

How much does Rankmax cost?

To maximize Rankmax's potential, a custom AI pre-training model based on your company data is essential. This involves a strategic deep dive into your business and brand DNA, combined with advanced AI model training. Once deployed, the ongoing strategy for content creation and publishing is crucial for continued success. Therefore, every Rankmax client collaborates directly with me, James Banks, the Founder of Rankmax, to achieve:

- Alignment with your SEO and broader marketing goals

- Development of your unique SEO AI pre-training model

- A clear and detailed SEO Topical Authority Strategy

- Strategic oversight of the content creation and publishing process

- Regular reporting and strategy adjustments 

Given this personalized white-glove approach, a Rankmax subscription starts at mid-four figures per month depending on the amount of work required to achieve the desired result. This fee isn't just for the technology; it's for direct access to me, Rankmax's Creator, to ensure your success.

While it might seem counterintuitive to the scalability of my business, I'm currently limiting Rankmax to a dozen or so enterprise clients to maintain high service quality and avoid conflicts of interest. If you're interested in being one of these select enterprises, please contact me.

How can I get started with Rankmax?

First, ensure you fully understand the details provided in the 'How much does Rankmax cost?' section. If you're in agreement with those terms, let's schedule a call to discuss how Rankmax can benefit your business.

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