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Rankmax is your personalized & private SEO AI trained on your own company data, allowing you to achieve topical authority by creating unique, on-brand & ready-to-rank webpages.

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Rankmax powers world leading businesses with WORLD LEADING AI TECHNOLOGY

Rankmax Alpha: Instant, Intelligent and Impactful AI SEO Features

Using the Latest GPT-4 Technology

Stay ahead with Rankmax, powered by GPT-4 technology for unmatched AI content quality.

Supports 33 Different Languages

Expand your global reach effortlessly with Rankmax's capability to create content in 33 diverse languages.

Per-Country SEO Targeting

Tailor your content strategy with Rankmax's precise SEO targeting feature for individual countries.

Automated Intelligent On-Page SEO

Every Rankmax article follows SEO best practices, ensuring the content is search engine-friendly.

Unique Plagiarism-Free Content

Ensure originality in every piece, as Rankmax delivers 100% plagiarism-free content tailored to your brand voice.

Create Articles in Minutes, Not Months

Slash your content budget by crafting 1,500+ word articles in minutes, not months.

Ready-to-Rank Articles in a Single Click

Generate high-quality, SEO-optimized articles almost instantly with just one click.

How Rankmax Alpha Works

Enter Target Keyword

Simply input your desired keyword that you want to rank for into Rankmax.

Select Language & Country

Choose from 33 languages, including 4 English variations.  Specify a target country  or select 'Global' to target worldwide searches.

Create Article

Rankmax AI will write  search engine optimized content tailored to rank prominently for your target keyword in your language and country of choice.

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Third-party integrations are currently under development and will be released in future versions of Rankmax.

product roadmap

Building the World’s Most Powerful SEO AI

in progress

Real-time Access to the World Wide Web

Rankmax's capabilities will be elevated beyond the GPT-4 September 2021 data cutoff as it connects to the internet. This grants real-time access to current information and allows the AI to reverse engineer top-ranking pages, ensuring your webpages have the best shot at ranking on page 1 for their target keywords.

in progress

Private Pre-Trained SEO AI Model Built From Your Company Data

Rankmax's private AI model, pre-trained on your company data, ensures content aligns seamlessly with your brand's existing style, tone, terminology, and formatting. Being private by design means all interactions and content remain exclusive to you, never feeding back into public GPT models like ChatGPT.

in progress

Automated Natural Language Processing (NLP) Optimization

Rankmax's imminent NLP optimization feature will enhance the AI's ability to produce contextually accurate content. This will also increase the range of relevant keywords your webpages can be indexed for, ensuring broader visibility and precision.

in progress

Bulk Content Creation

Prepare for mass content production at scale with Rankmax's upcoming bulk content creation feature, enabling you to generate thousands of webpages with a single click. This will help you achieve topical authority faster while dominating the search engine results within your niche.

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